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Blues Traveler

Bijou Theater

Knoxville, Tennessee

August 23, 2015


Photo by Randy Patterson


Before last night’s show at Knoxville’s beautiful Bijou Theater, I have never seen Blues Traveler in concert. For that, I say, “Shame on me!”

The nearly thirty year old band put on a show that was nothing short of phenomenal. The band’s fusion of blues, rock, reggae and jazz was a musical feast for the capacity crowd’s ears.

Front man, John Popper, was one thousand percent on top of his game both with his vocals and his harmonica mastery. Original guitarist, Chan Kinchla, and his brother, bassist, Tad, played with such blazing precision and blistering fluidity as to boggle the mind.  I literally watched as my mouth was open, they were that amazing. Drummer, Brendan Hill, and keyboardist, Ben Wilson,


Photo by Randy Patterson

also often brought the crowd to their feet with their wizardry.

The band pulled from their fabulous treasure chest of a music catalog to wow the crowd, including two cuts from their latest

album, Blow Up The Moon, released earlier this year. 

If you love great music whether it’s blues, rock, reggae or jazz, then you’ll not want to miss the chance to see Blues Traveler if they’re hitting any stage within decent driving distance from you.  They’re definitely the bomb.


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