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Crosseyed Heart
Keith Richards
Label: Mindless Records, LLC
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Review Date: September 20, 2015


Keith Richards repeatedly and notoriously says in Rolling Stones concerts that, “It’s good to be here. It’s good to be anywhere!”

It’s certainly good to have him back with a new solo album, Crosseyed Heart, after twenty-three years. Richards worked with friend and legendary drummer/producer, Steve Jordan, to slowly but surely put together this sixteen song treasure chest of listening pleasure. All but three of the songs Keith either wrote or co-wrote. 

Many from Keith’s last album came back to help him with this project. Waddy Wachtel, Ivan Neville, Sarah Dash, Boomerocity friend, Bernard Fowler, and Blondie Chaplin all rolled up their collective sleeves and hit the recording studio. Before his passing, late Stones sax man, Bobby Keys, played sax on a couple of track (“Amnesia”, and “Blues In The Morning”). Heck! Even Norah Jones chipped in to help with a song (“Illusion”). 

Interestingly, Richards to made the decision to put two versions of the one reggae tune (and you know he loves reggae).  Both true to the genre, yet with different instrumental treatments, you’ll just have to listen to them both to fully enjoy and appreciate what he’s done with the song.

Love the record and love Keith. May he be around for many more years doing what he enjoys and does best: make memorable music.

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george lynch

Our Featured Photo by Boomerocity friend and famed rock photographer, Rob Shanahan (, is of Dokken's George Lynch! Check out more of Rob's work at!



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