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Endless River
Pink Floyd
Label: Capitol
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Review Date: November 23, 2014

“Endless River” is, according to Pink Floyd, absolutely THE last of their fifteen albums. While that remains to be seen, it is an amazing release and one that, in part, gleaned from – and builds on - many of the something like twenty hours of unused music written during the band’s recording of “The Division Bell.”

As would expect, if not hope for, from a Floyd album, “Endless River” is mood setting, thought provoking, image inducing, ethereal collection of thoroughly intricate music. Listen to this album with headphones on – which is what David Gilmour reportedly said this album was recorded for – and you will be transported to mental lands unknown.

I’ve listened to this album several times. Each time, I’m impacted and affected in a different way. It’s one of those albums that can be listened to both passively and intensely. Work to it. Sleep to it. Put headphones on and think to it.

The randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from “Endless River,” are:
The trippy, “Things Left Unsaid.” One can envision the soul transitioning from life, to death, to the afterlife, via its surreal sounds.

“Anisina” is a refreshing piece that evokes freedom, rest and release of the body, soul and spirit – sailing on an endless river, if you will. I absolutely love this cut.

“Louder Than Words” gives the listener the very distinct impression that the band is saying good-bye for the final time. If that’s the band’s decision, so be it. This is the perfects swan song for them to communicate that message to their fans.

We wish them much continued success on their future, individual endeavors.

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