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High (the Single)

The Fairchilds With Orianthi

Label: Vertusent

Release Date: May 15, 2012

Review Date: June 24, 2012



In October of last year, I reviewed the debut album by The Fairchilds entitled Our Revolution.  In that review, I wrote the following comment about one particular song: 


The Boomerocity favorite on this album is High. Rich in melody and majestic tone, this song suffered “repeat button abuse” . . . repeatedly. While all the songs are great on this album, High is worth the purchase price alone.  A very close second Boomerocity favorite is the Beatlesque Misery Likes Company.  Incredibly well written and performed, this tune is destined should find its way to becoming a timeless classic. 


Little did I know then that the band’s front man, Cyril Niccolai, would be bringing in the immensely talented and perennially beautiful guitarist, Orianthi, to lend her incredible guitar skills (and just a little bit of beauty) to an amended version of this great tune.   


As I said in October, this song is a classic in the making. With Orianthi’s contributions, that fate is sealed.  You can download this new version of High by clicking on the icon above. It will be the best 99 cents you’ve ever spent.




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