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KaLIVEoscope (CD/DVD)
Label/Studio: Radiant Records
Release Date: October 27, 2014
Review Date: November 02, 2014

One of the most prolific acts in the prog rock genre is Transatlantic. If you factor in the work that Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas and Ted Leonard have recorded as solo artists or in other groups they’re involved with, I dare say that you wouldn’t find a busier and more musically creative and productive group of me in the genre.

Case in point: The latest offering by Transatlantic is (in the case of the review copy I received) three CD/1 DVD live package entitled, “KaLIVEoscope.” The recordings are the result of their Tilburg and Cologne stops during their worldwide tour earlier this year in support of the band’s “Kaleidoscope” album.

Both the audio on the CDs and the audio/video on the DVDs are brilliantly mastered, engineered and produced, giving the fan a more than satisfying experience that will give them countless hours of listening and viewing pleasure.

If you have the “Kaleidoscope” CD, you’re already familiar with the music. However, the live performances of them add a whole new dynamic and dimension to the songs. For me, personally, I loved Neal Morse’s introduction to “Shine” is worth the price of the entire package. Trust on this. It really is.

“KaLIVEoscope” is a definite must-have for Transatlantic fans or fans of any of the band members’ other work.

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