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No Filter
John Ginty
Release Date: July 17, 2015
Review Date: July 19, 2015


If you’re not familiar with John Ginty and his work, you really should become aware of this amazing blues keyboardist’s body of work . . . and his new CD, “No Filter”, would be an excellent disc to begin with.

His fourth solo CD, this will prove to be Ginty’s most significant body of work in his career. Sometimes dark, sometimes driving, always great. It is absolutely the best, new blues keyboard work in the marketplace.

All eleven cuts are great. That said, three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites are:

“Ball Of Fire” – what I like about this tune is the Santana like vibe (who Ginty has also worked with). This tune earned repeated slaps of the repeat button.

“Annandale” – this track is down and dirty blues at its best.

“No Filter” – the title cut from the album is addictive and Cara Kelly’s vocals are nothing short of amazing.

If you want bleeding edge blues with killer keyboard work, then John Ginty’s “No Filter” should be on your very short list of must-have CDs for 2015.


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