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slingsandarrowscoverSlings & Arrows

Michelle Malone

Label: SBS Records

Release Date: March 2, 2018



Michelle Malone defies easy description. Wild-haired Rock God, political singer/songwriter, passionate performer with roots in church music–no single characterization tells the whole story. Over the course of Malone’s decades-spanning career, she’s collaborated with artists from Steve Earle to ZZ Top, released more than a dozen records and gone indie when it still took guts. Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, Michelle Malone artfully balances her penchant for ripping it through the roof with masterful lyrical introspection and vocals that range from sublime to raucous. 

Malone has collaborated with artists from the late Gregg Allman to Steve Earle, ZZ Top and The Indigo Girls. Known for her explosive live performances, she has graced stages in Germany, France, Switzerland, Mexico and Australia and has performed in every state in the US.

On her new release, the self-produced “Slings and Arrows”, Michelle was inspired but not happy about current events and relationships. She was on a tear to write and record (which she did in five days.) On this disc she wears vulnerability on her sleeve by battling hardships and situations she’s encountered. and the way she’s learned how to cope, handle and overcome by self-acceptance.

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