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nextinlinecoverNext In Line

Tyler Morris

Label: Vizztone

Release Date: February 2, 2018



If you want to hear someone who will blow your socks off, then you MUST buy “Next In Line” by 19 year old Tyler Morris!

Tyler Morris has been playing guitar at a professional level since he was 11, and at the ripe old age of 19 is about to release his third album internationally.

Always drawn to Blues and Rock music, Tyler has amassed an encyclopedic knowledge and mastery of a wide range of styes, all of which he applies to his own interpretations and compositions. Tyler’s auspicious 2015 debut, “And So It Begins,” got the immediate attention of guitar fans around the world, with rave reviews and features in guitar magazines and major press internationally. In June 2016, Tyler released his second album, “The Chaos Continues," Vintage Guitar Magazine tapped him to do an Eddie Van Halen video tribute, and the media buzz and attention kept growing.

Tyler’s new album, NEXT IN LINE, is being released February 2, 2018 through the VizzTone label group and Redeye Worldwide distribution. For this album, Tyler worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter) and incorporated guest appearances by Joe Louis Walker and the Uptown Horns, as well as the core band of Scott Spray on bass, Tyger Macneal on drums, Mike Dimeo on occasional keys, and Morten Fredheim on lead vocals. Tyler continues to develop his signature sound — channeling a classic Blues mindset into modern Rock phrasing and syncopation.

Tyler continues to knock out top critics, while inspiring admiration and good-natured envy from veteran musicians!

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Our Featured Photo by Boomerocity friend and famed rock photographer, Rob Shanahan (, is of Dokken's George Lynch! Check out more of Rob's work at!



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