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Cindy Blackman Credit Rob ShanahanReduced

Our current Featured Photo by Boomerocity friend and famed rock photographer, Rob Shanahan (robshanahan.com), is renown drummer, Cindy Blackman-Santana. Jazz enthusiasts know her as one of the best drummers of that genre. Lenny Kravitz fans know her as his amazing drummer. She is also wife of - and partner with - the legendary Carlos Santana.  

Also, we would strongly encourage you to order Rob’s phenomenal book, Volume 1: Through The Lens Of Music Photographer Rob Shanahan. You will see several of the photos that were featured right here on Boomerocity as well as many, many more including a private, historic meeting between Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts.  The forward is written by Rob’s good friend, Ringo Starr himself!  Click here to order the book now!

Oh, and tell Rob that Boomerocity sent you!

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