Doug Gray Of The Marshall Tucker Band

Written by Randy Patterson

Posted April 2018

marshalltuckerband I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut that even if you’re not an avid listener to music (and that’s unlikely or you wouldn’t be visiting, that you’ve probably heard the Marshall Tucker Band at least a half a million times on the radio since your teen years in the seventies. I know I probably have.

When I found out that the iconic band was going to be performing my neck of the woods at the world-renown Dollywood (April 21st), I reached out to the good folks at the theme park to arrange an interview with the band’s lead singer, Doug Gray.
Making small talk at the beginning of our call, I asked how the veteran rocker was doing.
“I couldn’t ask for anything to be any better . . . unless I’d of won the lottery and then it wouldn’t have changed the way I am, anyway. But I’d be kinda excited that I’d won and then see what happened, you know?”

When I added, “You’d see how many more friends you have?” He said, “I did that twenty years with cocaine – I knew how many friends I didn’t need. Once I quit, I was down to two friends, again; my mom, my dad, and, maybe, my sister. But, anyway, once I quit, it was the same friends. It didn’t matter to me. After twenty years of it, you just stop, and I stopped August 16th, 1989, and haven’t done any at all since then. I’m on the road to success, I guess. Ha! Ha!”

When I added that he was fortunate and wise to heed the wake-up call and has been able to live a fulfilling life and to help others, Gray said: “I’m kinda showing people that you can stop. That’s the most important thing. I don’t make a big issue out of it. I don’t stand on a pedestal. I don’t have to wave my southern

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