• Posted August, 2012

    LinkinParkJamesMinchinV2Linkin Park Photo by James MinchinConcert season is well upon us and offering up many great entertainment possibilities. One of the best and most value laden concert offerings for the money is the 2012 Honda Civic Tour featuring two headline bands for the price of one: Linkin Park and Incubus. In addition to giving the fans of both bands a chance to see them, the tour also is supporting Power the Worldto fund cleaner energy solutions and to raise awareness about people who have no access to energy.

    In addition to the performances by both bands, each tour stop will feature displays of a 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe and a CBR250R motorcycle, both Linkin Park customized and designed. As the old Ronco commercials used to say: But wait! There’s more! Fans can enter to win these one-of-a-kind vehicles at www.HondaCivicTour.com. How cool is that?

    In order to help get the word out about the tour and it’s causes, the front men from both bands – Chester Bennington and Brandon Boyd – were kind enough to submit themselves to ninety minutes of questions from a gaggle of us writer types via a conference call.

    As we settled into the call and introductions made, the first question right out of the chute asked about what fans of both bands can expect from the shows during this tour. Bennington responded first by saying, “Well, I think that for us, I mean, really, I think the most special thing about this tour is the fact that you have two headlining bands singing together on one bill, which typically can be kind of hard to do, specifically, because usually when you’re in a position to headline a tour of this kind, you know, there’s only room for one headlining band usually.

    “So the fact that Incubus gets to come out and perform a full headlining set and Soul Production and Linkin Park gets to come out and perform our full headlining set with personal production and everything is kind of special. But also, we kind of don’t really look at what the other artists have done on these tours and kind of go, ‘OK, what do we think we should do?’ You know, we’re just going to go out and do what our fans want from us which is, you know, play songs that they’re familiar with and catch up on some on the new music and become familiar with that.

    “So really I think from Linkin Park’s standpoint, we’re just going to come out and put on the highest-energy show we can. And incorporate as much of the new music as possible. And I’m expecting that Incubus will probably do the same.”


    Brandon Boyd chimed in by adding, “I think that, I just think it’s a good moment and a great opportunity to have kind of just a, you know, two big giant rock & roll incubus2012.3Incubus Photo by Brantley Gutierrezbands sharing a stage. I just think that’s going to be better than either of us would do in our own show. It’s two headlining sets, including Mutemath, which is going to be a good time as well. So it’s almost like a minifestival, which is amazing.

    “And Incubus has done a Honda Civic-sponsored tour before. It may have been one of Honda Civic’s first ones, I’m not sure, but that was like, over 10 years ago. And I remember it being really, really great. And I think the listeners and friends and fans and family who came out to those shows had a really great experience, too. So I know that we as a band are really looking forward to doing it again this year. And personally, this will be the end of our touring cycle for our newest record and so we’re looking forward to just making some music and I’m very much looking forward to seeing Linkin Park . . .”

    With the tour being focused on green energy use and taking place while the current presidential campaigns are getting underway, it was only natural for the guys to be asked if they wear their political feelings and affiliations “on their sleeves”. Chester answered the question first.

    “Well, I know that, within Linkin Park, I’ve honestly never heard anyone talk about who they want to vote for, for example. I think it’s something that we kind of take very personally. It’s so funny, I was watching some comedy show the other day and they were making fun of how Americans won’t talk about who they’re going to vote for.  It’s such a secretive process. Whereas if you go overseas or something, people are talking about who they’re going to vote for and who they don’t like all the time. It’s no big deal.

    “But here in the United States it’s a little different for us. It’s such a private and personal moment to kind of choose who you think is going to be the best leader. And the last thing you want to do is influence somebody else to vote based on what they think of you as opposed to what they think of the politician they’re voting for.

    “So we definitely don’t really kind of brag about who we’re going to vote for, but we do talk about the things that are important to us. And the things that are very important to us at this point are really making sure that our tours are as environmentally friendly as possible and also giving back to our local community as well as the world community that has been so good to us. So those are the things that matter to us.

    “And in terms of the green movement and other things, one of the reasons why we’re so keen on that is because (Indiscernible) and the tie between natural disasters and what we’re doing as a society to the planet. So if we can

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