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  • Posted September, 2010


    AntoniaBennettPR2010We’ve all read stories of relationships between celebrities and their kids. Sadly, too many of those stories are dripping with tales of abuse and dysfunctional relationships between parent and child. Equally as sad, we learn that this tragic cycle repeats itself in the adult lives of the children. We pretty much just come to expect that all celebrity kids are just a jacked up mess.

    I don’t know about those of you reading this piece, but I always find it refreshing to be proven wrong when it comes to those assumptions. Because of the people that I’ve been fortunate enough to interview, I’ve slowly but surely begun to change my preconceived notions about kids of celebrities.

    Case in point: my recent opportunity to chat with Antonia Bennett, the lovely and very talented daughter of jazz icon, Tony Bennett. The youngest of four children, Antonia has worked and studied hard to follow a similar but different career path Mr. Bennett.

    Musically schooled at Berkley as well as trained in acting and dance at the Strasburg Institute, Antonia has the weapons in her arsenal to be the consummate performer. As for presence, her natural beauty and sense of presence and delivery are attributes one could understandably assume she inherited from her gifted father. That is likely true to a great extent. However, I would argue that Ms. Bennett has worked and studied hard to perfect her art.

    Either way, Antonia has delivered a great debut EP of pure jazz artistry. Entitled Natural,it’s a six song, multi-genre treat featuring such diverse classics as, Puttin’ On The Ritz, B.B. King’s, The Thrill Is Gone, to Pat Benatar’s, Love Is A Battlefield, which, coincidentally, was written by Natural’s producer, Holly Knight. 

    Grammy nominated pianist and arranger, Larry Goldings (and who has also worked with Norah Jones, John Mayer, Al Jarreau, David Sanborn and James Taylor) skillfully arranged the tunes. With this triple threat of talent and experience, it’s no mystery why Natural is a superb debut offering.

    It was the subject of this talented powerhouse that fed the content of my first question as to what brought Antonia, Holly and Larry together for this project.

    “Larry, he crosses both worlds. He understands popular music and he really understands Jazz and traditional music, too. That’s important to me because I grew up listening to everything. Larry and I met many years ago. An A&R guy named Steve Ferrera - at the time he was with Blue Note Records and Angel Records, and is now all over the place, doing everything from American Idol and a lot of other things. He’s a pretty big A&R guy now. 

    “Anyway, he introduced me to this producer, Russ Titleman. Russ had heard me sing and thought I would be perfect for a duet with Tom Wopat on his record, In The Still of the Night. That’s when I met Larry – many, many years ago in New York, when I was living there. He now lives in L.A. with his wife so, when I came back out to L.A., I said that,

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  • Posted December, 2014


    In this day and age when families – both “average” and celebrity – are torn apart, it’s always refreshing to see a family who appears to have it all together. This is especially true of any family whose life is lived in a fish bowl and in the spotlight of fame. 

    Such is the case of Tony Bennett and his relationship with his lovely daughter, Antonia.  These two have the fortunate blessing of being able to work together on stage often in recent years.  Classically trained and further schooled by her legendary father, Antonia is receiving kudos as a singer in her own right with successful touring and catalog of work that is garnering lots of positive attention.

    During a recent chat with Boomerocity, Antonia chatted about her dad’s influence on her career so far and her new album, Embrace Me.

    Commenting on how it is working with Mr. Bennett and what she’s observed, Antonia offers, “We really get along with one another and care about each other and I do realize what a special opportunity this is. There are not very many people who have got to do this with their parents. I do understand what a blessing it is.”

    What she’s learned from travelling and performing with her dad, Ms. Bennett says, “I think the biggest things is really his endurance level and how he never really complains about things. If something comes up last minute and he just has to do it, he does it and he's less tired than any of us. I don't know how to explain it because it's just something that he innately has or because he grew up in the depression and it's a different mentality. I think that's part of it but I think, with him, it goes beyond that. He definitely has this surge of energy in moments where we all should be extraordinarily tired or are always extraordinarily tired. He finds the energy to push though and make it happen in a very natural and effortless way and still in a very kind of thankful way.

    “I think that the other thing is . . . when you see somebody of his stature that has had such a long career - and he really has had a remarkable long career - we all wish that we


    could have the longevity that he does. But I’ve seen him through a lot of different phases in my life. In my lifetime, I've seen his career go through a lot of phases. The thing that comes home to me is that, whatever level you're at, there's always perks and there's always problems. 

    Problems and the perks might be different on one level than they are another but it's the same thing. It just manifests in kind of a different way. The idea of being able to look at something and problem solve and again push through it and really be thankful for the experience and to be there and to be able to do this in front of people and they love what you are doing and you love what you're doing. That's really such a special thing.”

    Anotonia continues by saying, “It is interesting how you feel when something like that happens when you watch your parents get older. Obviously my dad is in great health. You see the changes. It is interesting how it puts you in a position to be able to let go of a lot of stuff when you’re thinking for them or of them in that way.” 

    Antonia excitedly talked about her new album, Embrace me.

    “The songs on this record are really the songs that I grew up listening to. This record was made really spur of the moment. I knew I had always wanted to do a jazz project. I was in New York and I called up my friend, Paul Nowinski, who was the bass player on that record, and I said, ‘I'm in town.’  He said, ‘Oh, I have great trio right now that I'm working with and you should see if you can get some studio time.’ So, it kind of manifested like that.

    “It was a very natural progression and because we had played together for so many years there was a comfort level there. We did some of our favorite songs. It was a very collaborative process. We went into the studio and I think that you can really see the collaborative nature between the musicians. You can see that we're having a good time. It's something, again, that I really feel came very naturally and organically. We have wishful thinking for a potential Grammy nomination and we're just kind of moving forward and hoping to get this out there.”

    Embrace Me is available online and wherever quality music is sold.