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Mitch Ryder

Written by Randy Patterson

 Posted February, 2012

mitch1Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.  We’ve all heard the phrase and, in all likelihood, different rock stars come to each of our minds when we hear it.  If you are one who only enjoys the music from your radio or other listening device and don’t delve into stories behind the people singing them, your image of the person behind the voice may be completely different from reality.

I’m often guilty of just this imperfection of perception (Just watch: someone will take that line a build a million selling song around it).  In fact, until recently (and due to my lack of research early on), I had no clue as to just how true this phrase was for the voice behind some of the most iconic tunes of the soundtrack of the sixties.

I’m speaking, of course, about Mitch Ryder whose huge hits, Devil with a Blue Dress On, Jenny Take a Ride, and Sock It to Me – Baby had booties across the fruited plain twisting and shouting the nights away in the sixties.  What we didn’t know was that Ryder was neck-deep – strike that – in head over heels into sex and drugs while he was rockin’ and rollin’ - so much so that the lifestyle led him down wrong paths, wrong business decisions and littered the landscape with broken relationships.

Since those days of Ryder’s biggest

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